‘Your phone is in safe (good looking) hands’ Woman loses phone but manages to score date

Even more surprisingly, the hacker posted a status from her account – asking her on a date.

Monica Cook dropped the handset on her commute home from work.

But when she logged into Facebook on her laptop, she was relieved to see her phone had been found by a man only known as “Luke”.

Her Facebook status had been updated to: “Hi Monica! I found your phone on the train, you should really change your unlock password as that was an easy guess.

“I hope you made it to your destination ok as your phone case has your opal credit card plus $50 (£30) inside it.

“I’m going to leave it all in there for you but will put my business card in there as well.

“I updated your status so you know your phone is safe and in good (looking) hands, plus this is something to laugh about later over a drink…Oh I also went onto your tinder and swiped right on Luke so you can check out the profile of the honest guy who found your phone and handed it in at Town Hall station. Have a great day.”

“I’m going to leave it all in there for you but will put my business card in there as well”

Luke, phone finder

Monica, from Edgecliff, Sydney, Australia, responded (by status) saying: “That moment when you get home deflated after losing your phone and you log into Facebook on your laptop to discover ALL OF FACEBOOK knows your phone was found hours ago!!! WTF!! Is this for real or have I been hacked???

“UPDATE: I have my phone. It has money and cards still in there (even though I cancelled them). I have texted Luke to thank him for handing my phone in, good to know there are still kind and honest people in the world.

“I’m a little overwhelmed and weirded out by the public gesture but we see about that drink. Who would have guessed Luke works in advertising! Lol.”

If only every lost phone led to love.