VMware, Intel team up for mobile security

The collaboration will help eliminate the 'mobile blind spot' that currently exists in many enterprises' security, says VMware's Jansen van Rensburg.

The collaboration will help eliminate the ‘mobile blind spot’ that currently exists in many enterprises’ security, says VMware’s Jansen van Rensburg.

Intel Security and AirWatch, VMware’s enterprise mobility subsidiary, are partnering in an effort to help organisations manage security issues caused by mobile devices in the enterprise.

AirWatch and Intel have joined each other’s mobile security programmes to help enterprise customers extend security protection across mobile devices, PCs, operating systems, the network and the cloud, says VMWare.

VMware has become a member of the Intel Security Innovation Alliance, while Intel Security has joined the AirWatch Mobile Security Alliance.

Solutions developed by Intel Security would now be integrated with VMware’s AirWatch platform as part of a new agreement.

According to Ian Jansen van Rensburg, senior systems engineering manager at VMware, Southern Africa, AirWatch and Intel will together simplify advanced mobile security administration to give companies protection against threats to any mobile device, their applications and networks.

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Jansen van Rensburg says the alliance will make it easier to manage the flow of mobile device data, such as device attributes and location, into security management tools.

This can help eliminate the “mobile blind spot” that currently exists in many enterprise security infrastructures and will allow security teams to better manage events and incidents across a variety of devices and operating systems, he adds.

“To drive mobile business transformation, organisations need their foundational security elements they already leverage across their enterprise work seamlessly across their mobility assets,” says Noah Wasmer, vice president of mobile engineering and product management, end-user computing at VMware.

Jansen van Rensburg notes many companies are allowing their staff to access business critical applications and data from mobile devices without any mobile device management or security in place on these devices. “Hackers can exploit these devices through the Internet.”

He adds security has a big influence on devices but some companies are still allowing users to access business critical applications and data from their personal (not secured or managed) mobile devices.

Therefore solutions like AirWatch together with Intel Security are necessary to provide the advanced security features across the mobile enterprise.

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