USA spy chief James Clapper’s personal accounts hacked, reportedly by teen activist

A prankster who goes by the nickname “Cracka” told a reporter for the online magazine Motherboard that he had broken into a series of accounts linked to National Intelligence Director James R. Clapper.

When the hacking group known as Crackas With Attitude, or CWA, past year gained access to Brennan’s account, they said it was in “opposition to US foreign policy and support to Palestine”.

Notably, the same individual, a teenager, who claimed to have breached Brennan’s account is also behind the attack on Clapper’s emails, Vice’s Motherboard reported.

“We are aware of the matter and we reported it to the appropriate authorities”, spokesman Brian Hale told AFP.

The hacker provided phone numbers belonging to either Clapper or his wife, Susan, to Motherboard.

Of course, merely breaking in wasn’t enough for Cracka – the alleged teen also changed Clapper’s settings so all his incoming calls were redirected to Paul Larudee, the co-founder of the Free Palestine Movement. Before the hack of Brennan’s personal AOL account was revealed in October, the Department of Defense blamed Russian hackers for compromising its systems after security professionals clicked on email links containing malicious code.

“I just wanted the gov to know people aren’t [expletive] around, people know what they’re doing and people don’t agree #FreePalestine”, the hacker told Motherboard.

You Asked why I did it“, Cracka said. Clapper later said he “simply didn’t think” about the National Security Agency at the time, according to the Guardian.

Brennan called the hack an “outrage” that highlighted the challenges faced by intelligence and national security communities in a more connected world.

So far, it’s unclear if anything other than some of Clapper’s personal information has been exposed. He said he fooled Verizon into providing him access to Brennan’s account.