US Spy Chief Hacked, How Ironic

The Verizon My FiOS account of James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, has been hacked by CWA, the same group that previously hacked the personal AOL email account of John Brennan, CIA’s Director.

Besides the CIA’s boss email, CWA also hacked FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano’s and his wife’s email accounts, and JABS, a secret portal where law enforcement agencies manage federal arrest records.

After these incidents were made public in the press, the group announced they would go dormant, which they did until yesterday, when they contacted Motherboard to reveal what they had been up to lately.

Hackers had access to personal email accounts

According to Cracka, the group’s leader, he was able to access Clapper’s My FiOS account, which gave him access and control over Clapper’s personal email, his wife’s Yahoo account, and Clapper’s home telephone and Internet settings.

Cracka told Motherboard that he was able to access Clapper’s account for four days before being discovered. During that time, he rerouted the Clapper’s family telephone to the offices of the Free Palestine Movement.

In previous hacks, and after leaking the personal details of over 2,400 government employees, CWA aligned themselves with the #FreePalestine movement.

Government officials acknowledge incident

Motherboard reporters verified the hack after Cracka sent them a list of telephone call logs that proved to belong to various US national agencies. Government officials have confirmed the incident as well.

As for how the hacker compromised the Verizon My FiOS account, the necessary information to crack the accounts may have been obtained through social engineering tricks, just like in the CIA boss’ case.

This may have been facilitated by the fact that, unlike other government officials, Clapper has not taken any steps to hide his online presence, his home address and phone number still showing up via simple Google searches.