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Mexican Drug Lord’s Sons Confirm Meeting with Sean Penn
Rolling Stone published an article, titled “El Chapo Speaks,” on Saturday, describing “a secret visit with the most wanted man in the world” in which Mexican actress Kate del Castillo also participated…
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 Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
 1/12/2016   VenEconomy: The Bad Intentions of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution
 1/12/2016   VenEconomía: Las Fichas Marcadas del Plan de la Patria
 1/12/2016   OAS Secretary General Condemns Maduro’s “Erosion of Democracy” in Venezuela
 1/11/2016   Venezuela Ruling Party Sees No Quick Fix to Economic Woes
 1/11/2016   VenEconomy: Venezuelan Opposition is Doing Well, But Must Not Lose Focus
 Colombia (Click here for more)
 1/12/2016   Colombia’s Government to Hold Auction for Power Company Isagen with Just 1 Bidder
 1/11/2016   Colombia’s El Quimbo Hydro-Power Plant Back in Operation
 1/11/2016   Attack Did Not Cause Spanish Galleon’s Sinking off Colombia, Expert Says
 1/8/2016   Coalition Party Urges Colombian President Not to Sell Power Producer Isagen
 1/8/2016   Colombian Court OKs Temporary Resumption of Operations at El Quimbo Dam
 1/12/2016   Nearly 2 Dozen People Reported Missing in Southern Mexico
 1/12/2016   Three Die in Shootout in Southern Mexico
 1/12/2016   Mexican Navy Finds Secret Tunnel after Raiding El Chapo’s Los Mochis House
 1/11/2016   Three Killed, Seven Missing in Attack on Wedding Caravan in Southern Mexico
 1/11/2016   Death Toll from Bus Accident in Mexican Gulf State Rises to 20
 Brazil (Click here for more)
 1/13/2016   Former Petrobras Exec Handed 4 Year Jail Term and Multimillion Dollar Fine
 1/12/2016   Oil Giant Petrobras Slashes Investment by Nearly 25%
 1/12/2016   Brazil’s Vale Taps Credit Line for $3 Billion
 1/12/2016   Brazil Grain Harvest Sets New Record
 1/12/2016   Brazil’s Agricultural Exports Drop 8.8%
 1/11/2016   Escaped Killers Recaptured in Argentina
 1/9/2016   Argentine Cops Say They Recaptured Only 1 of the 3 Escaped Murderers
 1/5/2016   Fuel Prices to Rise 6% in Argentina
 1/3/2016   Argentina Repeats Falklands Claims on Anniversary of British Occupation
 1/3/2016   Retail Sales Rise 2.1% in Argentina in 2015
 1/12/2016   Mudslide Ruptures Gas Pipeline in Central Bolivia
 1/12/2016   Genetically Modified Crops Spark Controversy in Bolivia
 1/6/2016   Argentina’s Debt to Bolivia for Gas Purchases Falls to $202 Million
 1/3/2016   Bolivia Touts Oil Industry Progress despite Plunge in Crude’s Price
 1/3/2016   Brazilian Man Killed in Traffic Accident in Central Bolivia
 1/12/2016   Trinidad to Reduce Value Added Tax
 1/12/2016   Trinidad Expects Significant Revenue Loss Due to Drop in Oil Prices
 1/12/2016   More Puerto Ricans Play Lottery as Crisis Deepens
 1/12/2016   Vandals Target Statues of U.S. Presidents Outside Puerto Rico Capitol
 1/11/2016   Australian Envoy Discusses Potential for Investment in Guyana
 Central America
 1/12/2016   Six Die in Guatemala Prison Riot
 1/11/2016   Indigenous Groups in Nicaragua Complain of Pressure to Accept Canal
 1/11/2016   US Deports El Salvador Defense Minister for Mass Murders
 1/10/2016   Six Men Murdered in Central Honduras
 1/9/2016   Canal Consortium Faces Criminal Complaint in Panama
 1/12/2016   Bachelet: Chile Faces Falling Copper Price with “Solid Economy”
 1/11/2016   Chilean President: Free Higher Education a Right, Not a Gift
 1/7/2016   Chilean Trade Surplus Dips to $4.14 Billion
 1/6/2016   Chilean Police Officer Slain by Fellow Cop
 1/4/2016   Four Chilean Cops Indicted for Torturing Teen Protester
 1/11/2016   Unilever Signs Up for Cuba’s Special Development Zone
 1/9/2016   U.S. to Review Program Encouraging Cuban Doctors to Defect
 1/8/2016   Miami Says It Lacks Funds to Assist New Wave of Cuban Refugees
 1/6/2016   Last Year Was Cuba’s Hottest Since 1951
 1/5/2016   Jailed Cuban Dissident Ends Hunger Strike
 Ecuador (Click here for more)
 12/28/2015   Ecuadorian Transgender Couple Expecting Their First Child in June
 12/25/2015   Fire Strikes Historic Ecuador Church on Christmas
 12/16/2015   Schlumberger to Invest $4.9 Billion in Ecuador
 12/11/2015   Ecuador, Sweden Sign Deal to Enable Questioning of Assange
 12/8/2015   Ecuador, Chile to Jointly Develop Ecuadorian Copper Deposit
 1/9/2016   Peru Enacts Animal Protection Law That Excludes Bullfights, Cockfights
 1/8/2016   Solar Radiation Reaches Historic Highs in Peru
 1/4/2016   Shining Path Party Seeks to Register for Peru Elections
 1/4/2016   Mimes Run Slow-Motion Marathon in Peru
 1/3/2016   Wreckage of Suspected Drug Smuggling Plane Found in Peruvian Jungle
 1/12/2016   Uruguay Health Authorities on Alert for Dengue Fever
 1/12/2016   Tech Gurus, Investors Gather in Uruguay
 1/8/2016   Drink-Driving Ban to Take Effect in Uruguay
 1/7/2016   Marijuana Tops List of Drugs Seized in Uruguay, Government Says
 1/6/2016   Former Uruguayan Industry Minister Jorge Lepra Dies at 73
 Latin America (Click here for more)
 1/11/2016   Paraguay Says Best Dengue Vaccine is Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Grounds
 1/8/2016   South America’s Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam Leads World in Output
 1/5/2016   Nissan Aims to Be Among Top 3 Automakers in Latin America
 12/31/2015   Residents of Flood-Threatened Paraguay Town Resist Evacuation
 12/30/2015   Russia Maintains Major Weapons Contracts with Cuba, Venezuela
 1/13/2016   US Security Secretary Was “Survivor” for 2016 State of the Union
 1/13/2016   Obama Speaks of Achievements, Criticizes Republican Rhetoric of Fear
 1/13/2016   Islamic State Do Not “Threaten Our National Existence”, Says Obama
 1/13/2016   Online Accounts of US Intelligence Chief Hacked
 1/13/2016   Iran Detains Two US Navy Boats in the Persian Gulf
 World (Click here for more)
 1/13/2016   At Least 4 Dead in Attack against Pakistani Consulate in Afghanistan
 1/13/2016   Malaysian Police Arrests Woman Who Cried “Bomb” before Boarding Plane
 1/13/2016   Iran Demands US Apology after Navy Boats enter Iranian Waters
 1/13/2016   Palestinian Killed, 4 Wounded in Israeli Shelling in Gaza
 1/13/2016   Hong Kong Protest Erupts over Whereabouts of Five Missing Booksellers
 Business & Economy (Click here for more)
 1/13/2016   Google’s Self-Driving Vehicles Had 272 Failures and 13 near Accidents
 1/12/2016   Japanese ANA Group to Buy 8.8 Percent of Vietnam Airlines
 1/12/2016   World Bank Names Chinese Yang Shaolin as Chief Administrative Officer
 1/11/2016   Apologetic VW Announces $900 Million Investment in U.S. Factory
 1/11/2016   Shire-Baxalta Deal to Create Top Maker of Drugs for Rare Diseases
 Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
 1/13/2016   OPEC Crude Drops to $25.76, Lowest since 2003
 1/12/2016   OPEC Crude Drops to $27.07, Lowest Price since 2003
 1/11/2016   OPEC Crude Basket Rises to $28.46
 1/8/2016   OPEC Crude Drops to $27.85, Lowest since 2003
 1/7/2016   TransCanada Sues U.S. Government for Rejecting Keystone XL Pipeline
 Opinion (Click here for more)
 1/11/2016   Beatrice Rangel: Playing Hansel and Gretel in the Americas
 1/3/2016   Beatrice Rangel: Good News/Bad News Starts The Monkey Leap Year
 12/27/2015   Beatrice Rangel: The Gifts of Christmas!!!!!!
 12/20/2015   Beatrice Rangel: Crying Wolf in Venezuela
 12/13/2015   Beatrice Rangel: A 21st Century Tale of Two Cities
 Sports (Click here for more)
 1/13/2016   Rome Fires Rudi Garcia, Appoints Spalletti
 1/12/2016   Sevilla, Upstart Mirandes Qualify for Copa del Rey Quarterfinals
 1/12/2016   Major League Baseball to Hold 1st Coaching Clinic in Bahamas
 1/12/2016   Ramos Out of Real Madrid’s Group Training Session
 1/12/2016   Spalletti Travels to Miami to Meet President of Roma
 Arts & Entertainment
 1/12/2016   Univision to Debut “El Chapo” Series Written by Ex-Drug Trafficker
 1/12/2016   Brazilian Beauty Queen Dies after Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery
 1/12/2016   Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall Announce Engagement
 1/12/2016   Juan Antonio Bayona Opts Out of Directing World War Z Sequel
 1/12/2016   Wanda Buys Hollywood Legendary Studios for $3.5 Billion
 Science, Nature & Technology
 1/13/2016   Controversy over First Hangover Clinic in Australia
 1/13/2016   Explosives Most Humane Way to Put Down Sick Whales, Say Australian Experts
 1/13/2016   Twitter Introduces Live Videos on Timeline
 1/13/2016   Singapore App Allows Customs Payments and Tip-Offs on Tax Cheats
 1/12/2016   Ringling Bros. Circus to Stop Using Elephants in May
 Society (Click here for more)
 1/1/2016   Queen Elizabeth II Attended 340 Official Events in 2015
 12/31/2015   Pope Francis Wanted to Be a Butcher
 12/21/2015   Chelsea Clinton Expecting Another Child
 12/10/2015   Monaco’s Royal Twins Celebrate 1st Birthday
 12/10/2015   Sweden’s King to Present Nobel Prize Awards at Ceremony in Sweden
 Job Openings in the Americas
 8/14/2015   US Attorney in El Salvador
 6/8/2015   Kazakhstan Announces Contest for Foreign Journalists
 5/14/2015   Assistant United States Attorney for Puerto Rico
 3/13/2015   US DOJ Attorney in Mexico City
 2/11/2015   OAS & Mexico Offer CONACYT-AMEXCID Scholarships for Students of the Americas