New Committee Asks for Info on Clinton Email Server

Another congressional committee is investigating the cyber-hack vulnerability of the private email server used by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Texas Rep. Lamar Smith, who chairs the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, has announced he’s asking for information from several private companies that provided Clinton with software and services for the server she used at home.

“Understanding these companies’ roles … is critical to improving government cybersecurity standards,” Smith said in a statement.

“A high profile government official deviating from established information security requirements raises significant concerns. The sensitive nature of the information stored on … Clinton’s private server created a unique challenge to ensure all of the information was properly safeguarded.”

Smith argues the State Department scored only a 42 out of 100 on the federal government’s cybersecurity report card – a grade lower than one given the Office of Personnel Management, which was the target of a massive cyber-hack that exposed the private information of 20 million Americans. 

The investigation will run alongside a similar inquiry led by Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, The Hill reports

Johnson’s probe, launched last summer, found cyberattacks from China, South Korea and Germany had targeted Clinton’s private email but were rebuffed by a monitoring device from security firm, SECNAP.

Clinton’s campaign has bashed Johnson’s efforts as a politically motivated “sham,” The Hill reports.