‘Let’s Play’ YouTube Star Markiplier Hacked: Why, How And Has It Been Fixed?

Earlier this week, popular Youtube personality Markiplier was victimized by the hacker Twitter group, OurMine. The spammers in question uploaded two videos consisting of  a static image of their wallpaper and parodied music using Markiplier’s Youtube account. Additionally, the group also released sensitive information about Markiplier’s online revenue earnings for the month of November on their Twitter page.

Currently, the 26-year-old Cincinnati native has resumed his regular uploading schedule on his page, but many fans are still concerned that OurMine may target more Youtubers in the future.

Since the beginning, the spammer group’s motives for hacking into Youtuber’s accounts have been unclear. While they initially claimed to be hacking in order to test out the security of certain accounts, there are more cases where they seem to be doing it for money. AviatorGaming on Youtube was also attacked by the group, when OurMine tweeted that they took around $38K from the said account. Besides this, OurMine has also auctioned accounts back to their owners for a certain fee. Shadier motives indicate that they are also hacking actual government and banking institutions, though whether or not this attack on certain Iranian banks is true has yet to be confirmed.

Yamimash, one of Markiplier’s close friends and a fellow gamer on Youtube, has also been open about the harassment and public infringement the Twitter group has caused him prior to Markiplier’s hacking.

Though Markiplier’s account has already been secured, as he has resumed posting his daily gameplay videos since January 14, 2016, OurMine has gone on record to tell his enraged fans that they did not change the Youtuber’s password, and therefore he could have retrieved his account at any time.

Image Source: SuperFame / A screenshot of the video OurMine uploaded on Markiplier's page before the video was flagged.

Image Source: SuperFame / A screenshot of the video OurMine uploaded on Markiplier’s page before the video was flagged.

While OurMine’s motivations continue to shift, certainly one believable theory is that they are seeking notoriety for hacking into and stealing Youtuber’s accounts. After hacking Markiplier, OurMine’s followers on Twitter drastically rose to 100,000 new followers. Regardless of the outcry from Markiplier’s loyal fanbase, it seems there are still some users who find OurMine’s efforts entertaining.

However, for fans who continue to speculate on how and when Markiplier was able to retrieve his account back, and what his take is on the issue, the Youtuber has only responded with absolute silence on the matter. Though he has not confirmed anything, a popular and well-received theory online is that Markiplier would rather let the hacking issue die down, as addressing it would be giving OurMine even more attention.

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