Jeremy Corbyn’s Twitter account hacked ‘after an aide left it logged in at a hostel in Berlin’

Jeremy Corbyn’s Twitter account was apparently hacked after one of his aides left it logged in on a hostel computer in Berlin, it has been reported.

The account briefly tweeted “Davey Cameron is a pie” and “Here we… here we… here we… f**king go!!!” before Mr Corbyn’s team regained control of the account and deleted the messages.

But The Times Red Box reports that a staffer had used the account on a hostel computer in the German capital city and accidentally left it logged in.

Labour has neither confirmed nor denied the reports but said there is no evidence to support the claim.

The unwanted messages sent Twitter into a Sunday-night tailspin and were preserved for posterity in screenshots.

Despite the hopes of some social media users, the incident was not raised at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

Mr Corbyn’s assailant is speculated to have some connection to either Australia or Scotland, because of one of the message made reference to “Straya c***s” – a jokey Australian slang term. The chant “Here we f***ing go” is associated with Scotland.