Intelligence director’s email accounts hacked

A hacker has admitted breaking into US intelligence director James Clapper’s email and phone accounts, rerouting traffic to the Free Palestine Movement.

The hacker also gained access to Clapper’s wife’s email account. He told news site Motherboard about the security compromise, where he also admitted changing Clapper’s phone settings to forward calls to a spokesperson of the Free Palestine Movement.

He claimed he was able to view the executive’s emails and that of his wife, but there has not yet been any evidence that Clapper’s own email account was compromised.

However, the hacker did pass on evidence that Clapper’s home phone number had been hacked and was in possession of call logs for that account,

“If the details of the security breach are true then it is obviously a concern that the hacker was not only able to reroute calls made to Clapper’s home, but also view the phone numbers of people calling him and access personal email accounts,” security expert Graham Cluely wrote in a blog about the hack.

“For that reason, it’s perhaps a relief that those behind the hack were more interested in simply pranking the director of national intelligence rather than having something more menacing in mind.”

The hacker, who remains to be unnamed by Motherboard or anyone investigating into the breach, said he is part of the Crackas With Attitude (CWA) group, which was also responsible for a cyber attack on the CIA director last October.

A spokesperson said the incident has been reported to the relevant authorities and will be investigated, although it’s not completely clear the damage this latest hack could have caused.