Famous ‘Let’s Play’ Youtuber Markiplier Hacked By Spammer Twitter Group

Last January 12 2016, fans of Mark Edward Fishbach (or better known online as Youtuber Markiplier) were notified of a video upload on the internet personality’s Youtube account coming from a spammer group’s Twitter.

Markiplier, who rose to online fame as early as 2013 for his entertaining horror gameplay (called ‘Let’s Plays’), charity livestreams where he donates all earnings from a 24-hour live broadcast to charity, and his constant gratitude towards his fanbase, was recently attacked by Twitter spam group OurMine and has since been silent on social media regarding the hacking.

The half-German half-Korean Youtube sensation with an audience of over 11 million people worldwide caused concern when his subscribers were notified of a strange video upload on his account. The video in question consisted of a copyrighted song with parodied lyrics and OurMine’s wallpaper, which totals around 3 minutes.

Markiplier subscribers were quick to Dislike the video and reported the hacking in a short span of a few hours. However, OurMine re-uploaded their spam video on his account, claiming that if Markiplier wanted his account back, he would have to message them on Twitter via Direct Message.

Currently, the video has been removed by Youtube but as of January 13 2016, Markiplier has not updated on his Facebook or Twitter regarding the hacking. Similarly, his daily Youtube uploads have halted.

Besides the offense of hacking and refusing to return Markiplier’s Youtube account back to its rightful owner, OurMine has also released sensitive information regarding the Youtuber’s livelihood online on their public Twitter page.

While angry fans continue to report the spam group, it is notable to point out that OurMine has been hacking other Youtubers, including Markiplier’s personal friend and fellow Let’s Play Youtuber Yamimash.

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