Faithless fans face sleepless nights after site is hacked and personal details sold

Hackers have made away with the personal details of thousands of fans of electronic band Faithless after the official website suffered a cyber-attack.

The email accounts and passwords used to access the site has been sold on the dark web, an estimated 18,000 accounts.

Elad Ben-Meir, CyberInt, vice president of marketing, told The Independent: “We have a system that collects cyber threat intelligence in real time, and as part of our work we uncovered a Faithless database being sold on the Dark Web, and we flagged it up with them.

“I think they fixed the issue but they didn’t quite go out and tell anyone that, so that leaves their fans, about 18,000 people, unaware that their private information has been compromised.”

“Although the actual details for sale on the Dark Web are likely to sell for only a few hundred dollars, they could end up costing unlucky music fans far more.”

Faithless, which has sold 12m records worldwide, is just the latest victim to fall foul of the rising trend of cyber-attacks. Sony Pictures and TalkTalk hacks in 2014 and 2015 respectively marked painful precedents in a field brands will have to be ever more aware of.