Email of three Czech Social Democrat deputies hacked


15 January 2016

Prague, Jan 14 (CTK) – The email of three Chamber of Deputies members for the Czech Social Democrats (CSSD) has been hacked, but the hacking has not hit any other senior party officials, the CSSD deputies have told CTK.
So far, the hackers have successfully attacked the email of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka and deputies Jan Chvojka and Jan Birke.
A part of the online correspondence between Sobotka and Chvojka was leaked by the extremist server White Media.
Birke’s e-mail messages have not leaked to the public, but he, too, has provided a testimony at the Office for the Uncovering of Organised Crime (UOOZ) that is investigating the case.
“I was asked about a number of things,” said Birke, who refused to elaborate.
The Social Democrat lawmakers said they had not received any recommendation from the party when it came to cyber security.
Party spokeswoman Eva Gregorova said she could not comment on the case because the case was being dealt with by the police.
However, all the deputies received an instruction with the rules for safe password for email from the Chamber of Deputies IT department in connection with the hackers’ attacks on Sobotka’s email page.
The server White Media attacked Social Democrat officials’ email also previously. Hackers associated with it got into the computer accounts of former prime minister Vladimir Spidla, current Labour and Social Affairs Minister Michaela Marksov and deputy Jaroslav Foldyna.
It often targets the leftist politicians who oppose the extreme right.
A large part of the leaked correspondence related to migration and the government attitude to refugees.
Interior Minister Milan Chovanec (CSSD) said it was interesting that so far the perpetrators had only targeted the CSSD that had the same attitude to the migration question as other parties.
The media has speculated that the attacks may have been ordered.
Chovanec said some of the leaked emails had signs of manipulation. Analysts and independent experts have agreed on this, he added.

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