‘Your phone is in safe (good looking) hands’ Woman loses phone but manages to score date

Even more surprisingly, the hacker posted a status from her account – asking her on a date.

Monica Cook dropped the handset on her commute home from work.

But when she logged into Facebook on her laptop, she was relieved to see her phone had been found by a man only known as “Luke”.

Her Facebook status had been updated to: “Hi Monica! I found your phone on the train, you should really change your unlock password as that was an easy guess.

“I hope you made it to your destination ok as your phone case has your opal credit card plus $50 (£30) inside it.

“I’m going to leave it all in there for you but will put my business card in there as well.

“I updated your status so you know your phone is safe and in good (looking) hands, plus this is something to laugh about later over a drink…Oh I also went onto your tinder and swiped right on Luke so you can check out the profile of the honest guy who found your phone and handed it in at Town Hall station. Have a great day.”

“I’m going to leave it all in there for you but will put my business card in there as well”

Luke, phone finder

Monica, from Edgecliff, Sydney, Australia, responded (by status) saying: “That moment when you get home deflated after losing your phone and you log into Facebook on your laptop to discover ALL OF FACEBOOK knows your phone was found hours ago!!! WTF!! Is this for real or have I been hacked???

“UPDATE: I have my phone. It has money and cards still in there (even though I cancelled them). I have texted Luke to thank him for handing my phone in, good to know there are still kind and honest people in the world.

“I’m a little overwhelmed and weirded out by the public gesture but we see about that drink. Who would have guessed Luke works in advertising! Lol.”

If only every lost phone led to love.

Ottawa County Adminstrator Hacked on Facebook

HOLLAND, MI (WHTC) – Ottawa County administrator Al Vanderberg reportedly got hacked by an unknown person on one of his social media websites on Thursday night. Vanderberg told the Holland Sentinel that he received a phone call that warned him that someone had posted links to explicit pornography on his Facebook page.

While investigating who posted the links on the page, the administrator determined that the posts came from a user that he does not know nor was associated with any of his friends on the social media site.

As a result of the hack, Vanderberg deleted the posts, changed his login password, and deactivated the entire account. Vanderberg stated that he was unsure whether he would create another Facebook account.

– Caitlyn Burry

OUAT website hacked by ‘Don’

The official website of Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology was hacked by a hacker identifying himself as ‘Don’ on Friday evening. The hacker has posted obscene messages on the OUAT website.

OUATOn being informed about the hacking of the website by newsmen, the vice-chancellor of the university Manoranjan Kar has asked officials to remove the website from the server.

Santosh Kumar Rout, Dean of OUAT said, “The website was working properly till 6 pm yesterday. After being informed about the hacking, the VC of the university asked us to remove the website from the server. We have decided to lodge a complaint at Crime Branch.”

On December 29, the website of the Regional Transport Office (RTO), Ganjam district was hacked. The website was reportedly hacked by Abbas Abraham.

The National flag of Pakistan written with ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ was displayed on the homepage of the hacked website.

OUAT official website hacked

Bhubaneswar: The official website of the Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT) www.ouat.ac.in was hacked and defaced by unidentified hackers on Friday evening.

The hacker, identifying himself as Don, posted objectionable contents on the home page of the website. Earlier this month, suspected Pakisatani hackers have hacked the official website of the Ganjam Regional Transport Office (OUAT) website.

Following the incident, the OUAT authorities have blocked the website. Meanwhile, the OUAT authorities have filed compliant at the Cyber police station.

Meanwhile, OUAT Vice-Chancellor Prof Manoranjan Kar said the website was fully functional till 6 pm and the hackers appeared to have targeted it during the evening. Sources said the hackers have defaced the website between 6 pm and 8 pm.

The repeated hacking incidents of Government websites have posed a challenge to the State Crime Branch dealing with the cyber crimes in the State. 

Lucy Hale’s Twitter account hacked

Lucy Hale has fallen victim to an Internet prankster who hacked the actress/singer’s Twitter.com account and sent out messages containing Taylor Swift lyrics.

A hacker accessed the Pretty Little Liars star’s page on Thursday (14Jan16) and began sending out a number of odd tweets linked to the Shake It Off singer.

One message read, “So bad but he does it so well,” while another added, “Boys only want love if it’s torture.”

The 26 year old’s Instagram.com page was also hacked and featured messages crafted around lyrics from Swift’s Wildest Dreams and Blank Space songs.

The messages have yet to be removed, but Hale’s representative has confirmed to GossipCop.com that the page has been hacked.

This isn’t the first time a hacker has gained access to Hale’s social media accounts – in 2012, her Instagram.com account was broken into.

Hale previously revealed she is starting to get used to all types of strange invasions, including those caused by paranormal entities.

“Christmas was awesome. I found out my parents’ house is haunted!” she exclaimed to talk show host Seth Meyers.
“My stepdad and my mum and stepsister live in this house. (My stepsister) was like, ‘You guys, I didn’t want to send you this photo, but I think you should know: mum and dad’s house is really haunted!’ I was like, ‘You’re crazy!’ but I sort of had a feeling; I had a vibe.

“She turned around (and saw the shadow) and thought it was my stepdad, and it wasn’t!”

OUAT Official Website Hacked

BHUBANESWAR: Hackers on Friday brought down the official website of Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT) and defaced it.

The anonymous hacker, identifying himself as Don, posted objectionable contents on the home page of www.ouat.ac.in. This is the second such hacking of a Government agency’s website in the last fortnight.

Immediately after the hacking was reported, university authorities deactivated the server. Vice-Chancellor Prof Manoranjan Kar, who is currently travelling, said the website was fully functional till 6.30 pm and the hackers appeared to have targeted it during the evening.

“We will report the matter to the Crime Branch of the State Police on Saturday for investigation since it has a Cyber Crime wing,” Prof Kar said.

On January 3, an unofficial website of Ganjam Regional Transport Officer was hacked by cyber terrorists. The internet protocol of the hacker was later traced to United States.

Since a number of websites of the Government agencies has weak cyber security structures and even lesser audit systems, hackers find it easy to target the web portals unlike websites hosted and maintained by the National Informatics Centre or reputed software firms which are hard to break into.

Hack responsible for explicit social media posts, says Ottawa County administrator

While out snow-blowing his driveway on Thursday night, Ottawa County administrator Al Vanderberg got a phone call informing him that pornography had been posted to his Facebook page.

“It’s terrible,” Vanderberg said. “It takes you completely by surprise.”

His page was hacked, Vanderberg said, and explicit links went up on his page. The “shared” posts came from another Facebook user, whom Vanderberg said he doesn’t know, nor is linked to through other friends on the social media site.

After deleting the posts and reporting the incident to Facebook, Vanderberg said he changed his password and deactivated his account.

“It’s grief I don’t need,” he said. “I have no way to know how this happened. Maybe I’ll start a new account from scratch or maybe I’m done with Facebook. We’ll see.”

Vanderberg said people have been understanding about the whole thing. A lot of Facebook users, he said, know of other people who have had their accounts hacked.

“It’s heartening that people know me well enough that I’m not going to post crap like that on my Facebook page,” he said.

This most recent hack attack is Vanderberg’s second experience with the Internet’s dark side. Several years ago, his email account sent out a mass message informing all his contacts that he was in England, in trouble and needed money.

People kept calling him, he said, asking if he was OK. Once Vanderberg figured out what was going on, he changed his password.

“It’s been a humbling, embarrassing experience,” Vanderberg said of the Facebook hack. “I’ll do my best that it doesn’t happen again.”

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